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Pinterest is not just a social media platform, it’s also a fast-growing search engine!

With over 200 million users, Pinterest is one of the best social networking and search engine. It works efficiently to blossom business, increase sales and overall blog traffic. A large number of entrepreneurs, bloggers and designers use Pinterest as a search engine platform to share their content. It is an excellent source of collecting a huge list of page views. It’s also a great way to share your content.

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If you are a blogger, you need to implement multiple strategies to grow your blog. And, Pinterest group boards are productive in boosting traffic. This will certainly benefit your business. Are you looking for posts to learn how to find group boards and how to connect? I’ve got you covered!

Pinterest group boards

A Pinterest group board is a combined platform where various bloggers meet each other to be informed. It provides an invaluable opportunity to present unique blog posts about products, tips, and tricks, lessons, methods, DIY, food recipes, etc. Interesting, right?

There are lots of benefits using these group boards. Trust me, it’s not just traffic.

  • An increased number of Pinterest followers.
  • It helps stimulate the interaction with new bloggers in your niche. 
  • These boards reinforce your brand.
  • As Pinterest is more a search engine, it opens up a varied range of highly informative pins.
  • It brings lots of traffic to your site. 
  • Exposure to a totally different audience, who is really interested in your content.
  • It gives you lots of links to other useful resources
  • It will ultimately boost your email list.

There are lots of questions about how you can identify a successful Pinterest group? Or what the rules are for participating in Pinterest group boards? 

How do you find Pinterest group boards? 

Now, this is important. You definitely do not want to participate on a board that is not even active. Before you consider group boards, it is important to find boards that relate to your specific niche. If you are a food blogger, your audience must be specifically interested in recipes, etc. 

Check the following points in a successful Pinterest group.

  • The number of pins on the board.
  • How many people have followed the board?
  • The number of repins. You must consider boards where people help each other.
Groupboard for creatives, shopowners and designers
Join my groupboard, I'd love to have you

Many people are having trouble finding the Pinterest group boards relating to your niche. I often read questions in multiple facebook groups, where people ask for precise guidance to find associated Pinterest group boards.

Find Pinterest group boards, according to your niche and target audience.

  • Try to connect with bloggers of the same niche. Visit their profiles for the quality pins and group boards they have connected.
  • Visit Pingroupie. It shows thousands of group boards, of different niches. You only need to specify your category and you will get to choose from a varied range of groups.
  • Use Pinterest search bar. Type your interest or niche in the bar. Select the ‘boards’ filter to browse the pages to collect relevant boards. 

Many group administrators specify the instructions in the group description. There are a few steps to follow;

  • Follow the board and profile of the owner.
    When you visit a group board, you will see some profiles on the right side of the board screen. The first profile is the owner’s profile. Click ‘follow’.
  • Respond to a recent pin from the group owner to add you to the Pinterest Group.
  • Send an email to the owner and ask him/her to send you an invitation to join the board.

Make sure you mention the name of the group board, your Pinterest URL and your email address associated with your Pinterest profile.

Each group board has different rules. Some give 5 pins a day, while on the other group board there are no limits. Read and follow the rules of each board.

You're ready to pin!

Enjoy your day!

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