DIY – Make social media graphics using Canva

You worked hard to create your personal corporate style. Now you want people to find you.

And in order for people to find you they have to know you exist. That’s why sharing your content on popular social media websites is really important. Your goal is to create amazing look and feel content that leaves your readers inspired and motivated.

You can get more engagement, and grow your business with consistent social media graphics. You can use your brand’s colors and fonts to make your visuals uniquely yours. It is becoming more and more important to create beautiful visuals.  Especially if you want to get notice and grab people’s attention to generate more likes, comments and shares on Social Media.

That’s why I love Canva so much. You can easily design beautiful, professional graphics. You can choose from hundreds of professionally designed layouts or create your own designs from scratch.

Pinterest - DIY – Make social media graphics using Canva
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Canva has a drag-and-drop design tool and a library of stock photographs, graphic elements, and fonts. Everything you need to make a stunning design. There are number of pre-set formats to begin with.

  • Social Media Posts like Instagram and Pinterest  
  • Presentations           
  • Facebook covers     
  • Blog Graphics           
  • Business Cards         
  • Invitations
  • Document
  • Cards
  • Posters

Creative market has lots of premade social media templates. Just download, drop in Canva and place your quote or website. This time I wanted to show you a bundle that has more options and you have to get creative. For Canva beginners this bundle is easy to use and fun to begin with. Before you know it you rock at making Canva graphics for your social media.

So let’s get creative

DIY - Make Instagram graphics using Canva

1. You will first need to create a Canva account. Login if you already have a Canva account.

2. Create a new Instagram design (1080px x 1080px). In a new tab you find a blank template where the magic is about to happen.


3. Upload the textures, elements and quotes to your Canva. Here you have an lovely Do it yourself collection that you can upload now. You can mix & match to your liking.


4. You are now ready to get creative!

If you are new to Canva don’t be afraid to go bananas and try all kinds of new things. Canva has a undo button so the worst that can happen is that you go back a step or two.

Shortcut: Press “T” in your  Design to bring up a Textbox.


5. Download your graphic to share on social media. Or make some more 🙂


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